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We are happy to share this feature article on our very own, Cristina Cuyco's career
as a Licensed Real Estate Broker ! Very proud of you and will continue to support you
in your efforts to make a difference in the lives of our clients and colleagues in the industry !

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A colleague introduced me to Tina in October 2013 when I arrived in Manila and was looking for an apartment for long term stay. She immediately probed my own preferences. helping me to refine my own ideas and focus on options that suited my preferences and budget, not allowing me to waste my valuable time. Her professionalism - attention to detail, planning, punctuality - and most importantly interpersonal skills made the apartment hunting so much easy. As a result, I found an excellent apartment to stay at Mandaluyong with a breathtaking view within a month, an owner -broker - tenant relationship that's the envy of the others and a friend in Tina that goes beyond a mere professional interaction. Thank you, Tina.


Jagath Peththawadu / Asian Development Bank

"I arrived in Manila for the first time in December and was fortunate enough to receive Cristina's name from a colleague who had used her previously. From the start, Cristina took the details of what I was looking for and, despite having arrived during the holiday season, she worked throughout that period with me to get my search underway. There were a number of things that I very much appreciated about working with Cristina. She was extremely professional and very pleasant. She was always punctual and was very conscious that I was taking time out of work to look, so she had everything lined up and we kept to a tight schedule. She provided me with full lists of what we saw for my reference. I was open that I was also using other brokers, and that was completely fine. She respected the budget that I had indicated and never wasted my time showing me anything that was not either within my range or did not correspond to the criteria I had set out. Obviously when you come to a new country and don’t know the various areas or what you can find within your budget, it takes some time to know what types of products and areas were of interest. I greatly appreciated that she never expressed frustration or put pressure on me to accept something even when it was taking considerable time to find something that was right for me. She did however tell the me the reality of the context so that if I was interested, I knew how much time I had to think about it. She was always frank and direct, and I very much appreciated that, as I felt I could trust her. Finally, in getting to know me and my interests, she regularly volunteered interesting tips and provided information on life in Manila that was extremely helpful as I got settled.

I have worked for a multilateral organization for the past 15 years, and have moved throughout those years. Getting settled and finding a new home after moving to a new county is always stressful and complicated. This is honestly the first time I have ever had such a professional, enjoyable and stress-free housing search. It was clear that Cristina was actually looking out for my best interest as well as that of the owners –something that is a rare find in that industry!

I would highly recommend her and the company without hesitation to anyone who is looking for new place to live. It was an excellent experience!"


Kerol is the consummate professional. Once she understood what I was looking for, she made spreadsheets with property information and appointments so that we could make the best use of our time. She listened carefully to what I said and found me exactly what I was looking for. She has wonderful resources, and uses them to help her clients. Kerol has continued to check in with me and to assist with anything that I have needed. I feel very fortunate that she was my realtor!

Lisa Ball / International School Of Manila

I can highly recommend Kerol Cuyco of One Eon Properties. I engaged her to find a condo at Rockwell and we were thrilled with the result that she obtained. Kerol always kept us informed and worked tirelessly with integrity in the very short period of time in which she had the listing to obtain a great result for us. She is highly reliable and trustworthy unlike other agents I have dealt with in Manila.

Seung-min Lee / Asian Development Bank

I had the pleasure of dealing with Ms. Cuyco on 3 separate occasions since 2005. Her pleasing character and sincere heartfelt service is commendable.

Ms. Cuyco studies and understands the needs of her clients individually and addresses them in a personal level in a swift manner. She has incredible skills to adapt to every kind of client no matter how difficult or demanding they are. Her ability to know what the client wants before they tell her makes clients feel cared for. Carolina has great relationships with the clients and her relentless perseverance to always make the client happy has allowed her have clients call on her time and time again.

With her abilities, resourcefulness and dedication, Carolina will make a great asset. I am confident you will be exceptionally pleased with her.

Kristine Chiu

I have known Ms. Carol "kerol" Cuyco for more than 5 years now as she has helped me in leasing my condominium unit at the Shang Grand Tower in Legaspi Village, Makati since year 2008.

As my broker, I am very pleased with Kerol's business ethics and professionalism. Kerol is also a conscientious and hard working person who cares for her customers (i.e.,lessee and lessor).Besides being a joy to work with, Kerol is a team player and would make a great asset to any organization. I therefore highly recommend Kerol as a Real Estate Broker.

Annie Coleman

Prompt in handling all matters and answering all of my, so many questions and concerns, assistance in paper works, negotiations, choosing location and local know how, guided me through the process every step of the way.

Facilitated the entire process in perfect coordination between the landlord and myself, and her friendly behavior makes you feel at home in every home she shows. Punctuality, efficiency, reliability, her local knowledge and going out of her way to help, is what makes Kerol take realtor to a whole new level!

Please know that you can count on my recommendation to anyone who will listen. You are the best!

Kim Van Der Kruijssen

In the several instances that Tes has helped me, whether for renting out, buying, or selling, property, my experience has never been less than satisfactory. Her attention to details, prompt action on requests, and efficient transmittal of messages and clarifications to the counter parties, have been what I needed as a busy person. I have never failed to mention and endorse her to friends with similar brokering needs. And I will do so again, given the chance.

Jun Factoran

If she were a doctor, Kerol Cuyco will be most sought-after for her bedside manners. As a broker she possesses only the basics that a client looks for (thoroughness, professionalism, efficiency) but provides add-on values like consideration, sensitivity, and care. At the end of the day, you know you are in the best of hands.

Chit Lijauco
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